Berlin Calling – The Soundtrack

Paul Kalkbrenner is delivering the perfect music for this movie in its present form. The Soundtrack contains ten exclusively produced tracks, including the movie´s hymn “Sky and Sand”. In addition, the package holds five previousely released tracks - among others “Gebrünn Gebrünn” and “Altes Kamuffel” - as well as “Mango” by Sascha Funke. All of them come along in a very exclusive Berlin Calling Edit, and, in the context of the movie, you will experience these tracks completely new.
(* Special Berlin Calling Edits)

01 Aaron
02 Queer Fellow
03 Azure
04 Sky And Sand
05 Square 1
06 Altes Kamuffel*
07 Torted
08 Moob
09 Mango*
10 Atzepeng*
11 Castenets*
12 Revolte
13 Bengang
14 Peet
15 Absynthe
16 Gebrünn Gebrünn*

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